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Natural Wonders of Mayo, Sligo, and Donegal: A Journey through Ireland's West Coast

Ireland’s northwest region, which includes Mayo, Sligo, and Donegal, is a treasure trove of natural beauty, culture, and history. From stunning coastlines to rugged mountains, these counties offer an array of activities and attractions that are sure to delight visitors of all ages. Whether you’re interested in outdoor adventures, historic sites, or traditional music and dance, there’s something for everyone in Mayo, Sligo, and Donegal. Here are some of the top tours and activities to experience in these three counties.

Sea kayaking in Killary Fjord

Indulge in a serene and unforgettable experience by embarking on a guided sea kayaking adventure in the breathtaking Connemara region. Set your course through the tranquil waters of the stunning Killary Fjord in Leenane, where nature's beauty unfolds before your eyes. This fjord, nestled in the heart of Connemara, acts as a natural boundary between counties Galway and Mayo. Stretching over 16 kilometers in length and plunging to depths of over 45 meters at its center, it provides an awe-inspiring backdrop for your kayaking excursion. Book this tour!

Cycling the Great Western Greenway

Discover the beauty of County Mayo as you embark on a memorable cycling journey along the renowned Great Western Greenway. Join a knowledgeable local private cycling guide and traverse the stunning 42-kilometer trail that stretches through this picturesque region. The Great Western Greenway holds the distinction of being Ireland's longest off-road walking and cycling trail, offering an unparalleled experience for outdoor enthusiasts. Immerse yourself in the world-class infrastructure of the Great Western Greenway, a traffic-free path that follows the historic route of the Westport to Achill railway, which ceased operation in 1937. This remarkable trail winds along Ireland's captivating Atlantic coast, connecting the vibrant town of Westport to the breathtaking Achill Island. Along the way, you'll pass through the charming villages of Newport and Mulranny, each exuding its unique charm. Book this tour!

Surfing Strandhill waves

Sligo's surf coast boasts the most reliable and steady movement of rolling waves in all of Europe, ensuring an exhilarating surfing experience. This very coastline holds the record for the largest wave ever surfed in Ireland. Whether you're a novice looking to catch your first wave or a seasoned wave warrior seeking new challenges, our team of professional surf instructors is here to elevate your surfing skills and maximize your enjoyment. No matter your level of experience, our instructors will guide you through the necessary steps to catch your first wave with ease. In a safe and fun environment, we'll provide the novice with essential techniques and tips, while helping experienced surfers refine their skills and take their surfing to new heights. Book this tour!

Cycling in Glenveagh National Park

Nestled amidst the captivating Derryveagh Mountains in County Donegal's northwest, Glenveagh National Park is a remote and hauntingly beautiful wilderness. At its heart lies Glenveagh Castle, an impressive late 19th-century mansion perched on the shores of Lough Veagh, originally built as a hunting lodge. Strategically positioned in the "valley of the birch" known as Gleann Bheithe, the Castle's location proves to be a stroke of genius. This central point has given birth to a magical dwelling, now under the care of the Irish State. Against the backdrop of nature's seemingly chaotic charm, with its rugged cliffs, granite mountains, and the dark, occasionally turbulent waters of Lough Veagh, Glenveagh Castle stands as an exquisite testament to architectural order. Its silver gleam under the sun, charming courtyards, Walled gardens, Pleasure Grounds, and Woodland Gardens add to the castle's allure. The Gardens are open year-round, and admission is free, inviting visitors to explore their beauty. Book this tour!

Salmon & sea trout fishing on the Erriff Fishery

Begin your fishing adventure near the breathtaking Aasleagh Falls, situated close to the estuary of the renowned River Erriff. As you arrive at Aasleagh Lodge, which offers captivating views of the majestic Killary fjord, you'll be greeted by your knowledgeable Ghillie (guide), fluent in both French and English. Your journey will take you up the scenic Erriff Valley for an entire day of angling. Delve into the world of wild Atlantic salmon and sea (white) trout fishing under the expert guidance of your Ghillie. They will provide invaluable advice on selecting the appropriate rods, reels, and flies for a successful outing. The preferred method of fly fishing on this river is utilizing a double-handed Spey rod, adding an element of skill and excitement to your experience. Book this tour!