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Exploring Ireland's Top 7 Boat and Maritime Tours and Adventures

Delving into Ireland's aquatic landscapes opens up a world where each ripple and wave tells a story of history, culture, and natural beauty. The island's diverse water-based activities cater to thrill-seekers and serenity-seekers alike, offering a spectrum of experiences from the adrenaline-fueled surf of the Atlantic to the gentle currents of its lakes and rivers. This exploration of Ireland's boat and water tours provides a guide to some of the most memorable experiences that await in the Emerald Isle's waters.

The Charm of Ireland's Lakes

Ireland's lakes (or loughs) are steeped in myths and surrounded by breathtaking landscapes. Lough Corrib in County Galway is the second-largest lake in Ireland and offers a tranquil escape with its crystal-clear waters and scattered islands. A guided boat tour here reveals historical insights into the early monastic sites on the islands and the rich local flora and fauna. 

Cliffs of Moher and Galway

A captivating tour from East to West, culminating in the vibrant city of Galway, where you'll enjoy a blend of leisure and exploration, including breakfast and street music. Journey through the lunar landscapes of Burren National Park and admire the historical tapestry of Norman castles, with a picturesque stop in Kinvara. The highlight is the Cliffs of Moher, a UNESCO-protected natural geo-park, where you'll spend two hours marveling at its breathtaking heights and the rich birdlife. The tour includes a visit to the visitor center, with options for enjoying scenic walks or dining. Returning through County Limerick, we make a special stop at the Barrack Obama Center, celebrating the president's heritage. Book this tour.

Lough Corrib history & scenic lake cruise from Lisloughrey Pier. 

a fascinating one-hour historical cruise across the majestic Lough Corrib with a local historian and boat captain guiding you. Discover the lake's rich history and folklore, as you glide past 365 islands, each with its own story. Marvel at the stunning Ashford Castle, a medieval and Victorian marvel once owned by the Guinness family, now a luxurious five-star hotel with deep historical roots dating back to 1228. Highlights include a visit to The Old Steamers Quay and the captivating sight of Lord Ardilaun’s Obelisk, making this journey a memorable exploration of Ireland's past and natural beauty. Book this tour.

Sea Kayaking and Wildlife Encounters

Sea kayaking along Ireland's coast opens up a world of discovery. The Iveragh Peninsula, particularly around Valentia Island, offers guided kayak tours where you can glide through sea caves, under natural arches, and alongside towering cliffs. These tours often include close encounters with marine wildlife, including seals and otters, and offer spectacular views of the coastline that cannot be appreciated from land.

Dublin Guided Kayak Tour

Our kayaking adventures feature double and triple kayaks for shared fun, but single riders can opt for a compact double. Prices are per person. Enjoy guided evening river trips from Dublin City Moorings, paddling through the city's heart, under iconic bridges like O’Connell and Ha’penny. City Kayaking offers a unique perspective of Dublin’s landmarks. Led by seasoned guides, our stable "sit on top" kayaks suit beginners perfectly. The experience lasts around 2 hours, with at least 90 minutes on the water, providing an unforgettable way to explore Dublin from its waterways. Book this tour.

Sunset kayaking in Connemara. Galway.

Experience the magic of summer evenings with a sunset kayak tour, where you'll witness the sun dipping below the Atlantic horizon. This serene journey on the water promises an unforgettable experience, available exclusively during the summer months. It's a perfect opportunity to embrace the beauty of nature and find peace on the water as the day ends. Book this tour.

Sea Kayaking Guided Trip Gurteen Beach or Dog's Bay

A serene adventure in Roundstone Bay, Gurteen Beach, or Dog's Bay, aboard our high-quality, sit-in sea kayaks. Perfect for both novices and seasoned paddlers, our tours offer a close encounter with the area's breathtaking landscapes and diverse wildlife. With a commitment to small group sizes, we guarantee a personal and immersive experience, allowing you to truly connect with the natural beauty around you. Prioritizing safety and tailored to fit the group's abilities and weather conditions, our tours accommodate up to six participants, ensuring an intimate journey for everyone involved. Routes may vary based on weather, with alternative locations provided as needed. Book this tour.

Fishing in the Irish Waters

Ireland is a fisherman's paradise, with its rivers, lakes, and coastal waters teeming with salmon, trout, and sea bass. Whether you're a fly-fishing enthusiast or prefer deep-sea angling, Ireland has a spot for you. Guided fishing tours provide local knowledge and access to the best fishing grounds, ensuring a rewarding experience.

Wild brown trout fishing on Lough Corrib. Galway.

A Wild Brown trout fishing trip to Lough Corrib transports you to the most breath-taking sights and scenery Connemara has on offer. You will fish on one of Europe’s last remaining wild brown trout fisheries – Lough Corrib. The Corrib is one of the most beautiful and mysterious lakes in Ireland. Surrounded to the north west with craggy mountains, sprinkled with 365 wooden islands, the wild landscape will stay with you forever. You will have the day to experience wild brown trout fishing on Ireland second largest lough with your expert local private fishing guide/ghillie. Book this tour.

Pike shore fishing on Lough Corrib. Galway. Private guided.

Internationally acclaimed for its pike fishing, Lough Corrib becomes a prime destination for anglers seeking trophy pike from mid-July to December. With a variety of angling methods at your disposal, your private guide will recommend the most effective technique for the day, including spinning with baits/lures from a stationary position, dead-baiting with natural baits like perch or herring using a float—a method enhanced by windy conditions to drift the float—and the newer method of jerk baiting, which requires specialized gear and baits. Experience the thrill of pursuing the elusive pike with expert guidance on one of Ireland's most renowned lakes. Book this tour.

The Enchantment of Ireland's Waters

Ireland's waterways are more than just a scenic backdrop; they are a gateway to adventure, relaxation, and cultural immersion. Whether you're riding the surf, paddling through tranquil waters, or exploring historic waterways, Ireland's aquatic landscapes offer a profound connection to the essence of the island. These experiences invite adventurers from far and wide to discover the magic of Ireland's waters, promising memories that will last a lifetime.